Seven crested ibis born in Shaanxi wetland

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XI'AN, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Seven crested ibis chicks have hatched in the Qianhu Wetlands in northwest China's Shaanxi Province since April 28, the nature reserve said.

The population of the endangered bird species, once believed to be extinct in China, has been growing in recent years thanks to decades of conservation.

Crested ibis are found in China, Japan, Russia, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

About 2,000 crested ibis live in in Shaanxi Province. Their habitat stretches around 14,000 square kilometers.

To ensure the safety of the ibis chicks, the reserve has taken multiple measures including dispatching rangers to prevent human interference.

Captive-bred ibis were released into the Qianhu Wetlands in Baoji city in September 2014. About 50 crested ibis have been observed in the reserve recently.

The current population exceeds 2,500 in China, including about 1,50 in the wild.